200 Hour Teacher Training

Our mission is to offer a safe and judgement free environment for students to learn to become yoga teachers, meditation teachers or continue your education if you are already an existing teacher.  


We believe that there are so many amazing yoga styles and that it is ok to teach one particular type of class that resonates with you!  This also applies to meditation and energy work.  

BEGINS September 18, 2021


Email me at linda@staffordhouseofyoga.com
To discuss questions and concerns. Let’s see if this is the right choice for your future.

In this 200-hour teacher training program you will develop and expand your personal yoga practice, and learn how to share that with others.

Teaching is the inevitable outcome of fully integrated knowledge, and this training will give you just that, the knowledge and structure to properly embody it. Full of inspiration from your own experience you will not only be ready, but excited to share it with the world.

What you will learn from this training:

Embody, Repeat, Review:

How you will share this with others:


Dates & Time
Payment plan: $3400

This training is a transformative experience for those who are ready! Many have come out feeling more confident and more clear on the intention of the postures which brings more clarity to their personal yoga practice. Regardless if you decide to teach or just want to enhance your experiences, we guarantee you will learn so much and feel stronger!

Linda and Audrey bring many years of experience to the table and would be honored to teach you the deeper details of this life enhancing practice. Please let us know if you have questions, comments or concerns, we are here for you!